Tuesday Tales

I don’t plan to continue these alliterative blog post titles, but today was my first day at the Stage Nature Center! It was a very busy day, and I met a lot of new people whom I’ll probably “get to know more well” (for lack of a better phrase at the moment–I’ve been racking my brain for one! *edit: “get to know better”) over the next 8 weeks.

Here’s a summary of my day from start to finish:

9AM – My mom drove me to the Stage Nature Center. I arrived at the same time as Carla, and she showed me around a bit. I haven’t been to the nature center in quite a while (which is understandable, #college); it seemed as if there were many changes, but maybe I wasn’t looking closely enough before. There was a first-time visitor who had heard about the nature center by word of mouth, which I thought was exciting, especially because I’m planning to create an exhibit here. There was also another visitor who had come early to walk the trails–which are open from dawn to dusk, I might add! I was introduced to Carol, Nancy, Debbie, Miranda, Linda, Christina (listed in order of their appearance in my camera roll :)) all within the hour and all of whom were very welcoming. We set up two classrooms in preparation for a school/group program that would take place at 9:30 and 10AM.

9:30AM – I joined the first half hour of Nancy’s presentation for 36 kids. Here’s the description:

Log Life–Spring–K-2nd–1.5 hours

Discover the life cycle of a tree. Peer into the hidden and mysterious life of a log and discover the wide variety of critters that live there. Insects, sow bugs and slugs are just a few of the many residents we will search for using bug boxes as we hike!

I thought it was very interesting, and very enlightening. It took me back to my elementary school days, and reminded me of what it takes to be a successful educator, especially of 4- and 5-year-olds.

10AM – I then joined Linda’s presentation for 10 kids, which I believe was part of the same program. She radioed Christina, and each of them led half of the group on a trail walk. I thought the outdoor hike seamlessly followed Linda’s talk, and the kids were able to use what they had learned in the classroom on the trails! I would highly recommend schools/groups to take advantage of these programs.

The program ended at 11:30AM, and the kids and their parents and teachers left to eat lunch. Meanwhile in the nature center, everyone was busy again cleaning up and tending to new animals (including a blue-spotted salamander!). We set up one of the classrooms for a 10-adult program that would be taking place later. I swept up some of the wood chips that had ventured outside of the children-friendly “mastodon dig” to the right of the entrance to the nature center.

“Me being less detailed” follows:

12PM – It was lunch time, so I ate a banana, four cookies, and some noodles.

1PM – I pulled out my laptop and took care of some things.

2PM – I sat down with Christina and Debbie to go over the logistics of my fellowship.

2:38PM – I emailed Erin of the Friends of the Rouge about equipment and fish surveys!

2:45PM – I met Tina, the marketing director, and she interviewed me!

3PM – I said goodbye to Christina and Debbie. I’m going to Skype Kira, my program coordinator, from home tomorrow at 8:30AM, but I’ll be back in the nature center in about 9 hours. My first day couldn’t have been more exciting! I received such a warm welcome. Water quality starts soon 🙂

It’s almost midnight again!


P.S. I took 58 photos; below are 29 of them with captions! (WordPress: “2.9% of 3GB used”; I’ll have to try Dropbox if I ever exceed 3GB, but I took a lot of pictures, understandably because it was my first day!)



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