Crayfish Fugitive

I Skyped Kira this morning 🙂

Links: – (2009) NY Times Interactive Map of Water Pollution (Michigan) – Bait Fish/Minnows (Michigan) – DNR Identifying Michigan Fish

Bullet points of the day:

  • A family asked me what the insects dancing on the water were called. I almost said water gliders instead of water striders.
  • I Googled “how long can crayfish live out of water” (several days if wet gills, months if humid environment!).
  • I caught a fish and while IDing it debated between creek chub or blacknose minnow, then gave up and emailed the experts. It was a bluntnose minnow!
  • I read the color of water described as “coffee” for the first time. Check it out by CTRL-Fing “coffee”:
  • I thought of how the word “crayfish” can be used in a pun: “that fish is cray cray.”

Large Crayfish! It escaped the sorting tray…but I found it and released it back into the river 🙂 Cue Adele’s “Water Under the Bridge.”








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