Wed 7 Nes 12 Day 17

(Disclaimer: short post)

I conducted all of the tests at Site #3 before getting rained on at noon!

Here are my results:

DO – 5.8 mg/L

pH – 8.0

Change in temperature – 0 degrees Celsius

Phosphates – 0.0266 mg/L

Nitrates – 0

Turbidity – 5 JTU (lower than it was two weeks ago, and it rained ?)

BOD – 7/17/17 10:45AM *Update: 5.8-4.0mg/L

Fecal Coliform – 7/14/17 4:40PM *Update: 450 colonies per 100mL of river water

(Fun fact: DJ stands for Disc Jockey.)



One thought on “Wed 7 Nes 12 Day 17

  1. Nancy Klein says:

    Hey Jennie…
    Nice job! You’re doing a stellar job documenting your daily activities! Great journaling! Love your photos, which are worth a million words!
    Keep up the excellent blogging!
    Love the…Water you doing this summer?


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