Red Tape

Last day of July spent in the hospital!

What my day looked like:

7:30-8:30AM – two patients (CDU)

8:30-9:30AM – two echocardiograms

9:30-10:30AM – one echocardiogram and its patient (CDU), coffee for doctor

10:30-12:20PM – eleven echocardiograms, one stress test

12:20-12:35PM – transit

12:35-4:20PM – eleven patients (two no-shows)

4:20-4:35PM – transit

4:35-6:00PM – right radial coronary angiogram


‘Red tape’ because the doctor explained that nowadays you have to meticulously (I’ve witnessed this firsthand!) fill out paperwork to be paid by insurance companies (proof that you even saw your patients) whereas back then a check-up could mean a 2″x2″ note scribbled on a piece of paper. Gave me a whole new perspective on doctors having to spend so much of their time recording information. I also see now why a 3:30 appointment could easily mean 4:00, especially when previous patients have to express their feelings/voice their concerns. To me, compassionate healthcare means doctors listening/being a source of comfort AKA someone to talk to (quasi psychiatrists!).

Other notes:

  • blood thinners are contentious (as are statins)

-thought experiment: two scenarios – (1) patient bleeds, it’s doctor’s fault, doctor gets sued (supposedly) or (2) patient gets stroke, it’s patient’s fault, doctor is fine! (note sarcasm)

-the doctor says he will always strongly advise blood thinners, especially when the risk of a stroke is higher than that of bleeding; other doctors’ fears of being at fault or sued are nonsense

  • doctors receive samples of drugs that they can give while patients are figuring things out with their insurance companies (finding out if the drug is covered and if not, finding a drug that is covered)
  • oftentimes two drugs are the same, despite what drug companies will tell you (i.e. they might only differ by frequency of intake (once vs. twice a day)); doctors should be inclined to prescribe whichever drug the insurance can pay for (i.e. the drug that is covered to a greater degree by the patient’s insurance)
  • dictation saves so much time! i almost want to invent something better than iPad Dictation!!

That’s all!



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