Sky Dog Eats the Sun

Solar Eclipse Day! Or in my mom’s words, when the sky dog eats the sun.

8.21.17 spent in the office!

12:30PM – last time in the hospital


12:40-3:40PM – seven patients

1:03-2:27-3:47PM – solar eclipse

1:03PM – the doctor remarks that the eclipse has begun

2:11PM – we take our first look using my glasses (welder’s glass taped over a hole in a cardboard box)

2:27PM – we take our second look; the doctor doesn’t even realize we are looking at the peak eclipse and laments that it’s not what he expected:


2:50PM – we take our third and final look, and I persuade the doctor to take a quick selfie 🙂

The doctor, two others, nurses, and medical assistants are all really grateful that I brought my glasses (thanks Dad!).


Musing Monday

8.14.17 spent in the hospital!

7:00-8:13AM – three patients

8:13-9:14AM – two echos and two patients

9:14-10:15AM – one echo and one patient

10:15-11:30AM – eight echos (the doctor helped two first year fellows read their first echos–a third year fellow only made one mistake!)

11:30-12:10PM – nine echos and four stress tests

12:10-5:30PM – thirteen patients

7:00PM – home 🙂

I learned that congestive heart failure is, to cardiologists, “the biggest misnomer.”

Hasta La Vista


Last Day 🙂 Top Row: Connie, Carla, me!, Christina; Bottom Row: Linda, Miranda ❤

Today was my last day at the nature center :’)

I woke up at ~7:30AM and had to run an errand with my mom. She dropped me off at the nature center at 8:56AM, and I waited for Connie to open the door 🙂 I was in no hurry though because I was taking some last day pictures of the building sign and flowers.

I decided to sit at the desk across from mine and took a nice picture there! I printed a few of my materials to see what they would look like on paper. Christina’s program ended at  ~11:30AM, and I ate lunch at ~12PM. At ~12:10PM, Christina said I was needed in the conference room, and I knew something was fishy! I was surprised with cupcakes (and a card), and I insisted on taking a picture with some of the wonderful people I’ve spent the last eight weeks with 🙂 Lori arrived later.

I helped with some cleanup, filled in at the front desk, and stuffed (152) envelopes! At ~3:30PM, Christina began looking at my materials, and at ~4PM, she and I decided that I would return on Tuesday. Christina copied her pictures of me onto my flash drive, and helped me lug the equipment to my car. And my mom and I were off! ¡Hasta la vista! Until Tuesday 🙂


P.S. Over the course of eight weeks and as of midnight today, this blog has had 110 visitors and 630 views 🙂

Second to Last Day

9AM – My mom dropped me off as usual! I’m filling in at the front desk.

11AM – It’s the third day of the summer camp this week. The kids are heading outside 🙂

11:30AM – A woman brought painted rocks! Another woman wanted to auction some Roger Tory Peterson paintings.

1PM – It’s been thundering nonstop since noon.

Here’s the (wordy, yikes!) brochure I made:

I keep using the same two pictures as background 🙂

4PM – Yay! The Stage Nature Center has claimed its rightful title as the #2 Thing to Do in Troy:

4:30PM – Rain:



Raccoon Masks

<9AM – I arrived early today; my mom walked the trails.

I’ve been saying goodbye to some staff because they won’t be here all week, and I emailed a professor today about his research on nitrogen and water quality.

I made some crafts (as per this post’s title), manned the front desk, met with Christina/Debbie around 4PM, attempted to converse in Chinese with a couple who just moved from Chicago, and helped with cleanup.

Here are some pictures:

On to the second half of the week!


First of August

9AM – My mom dropped me off at the nature center. This is my last week!

I had to make a call and send an email, but today was relatively tranquil.

I have information on the Rouge River and taxidermy ready, as well as games for children to play while they look at the cases.

I still have to figure out what to do with the giant map. I want to make a brochure with my findings, but we have to discuss this.

I also have to finish my report and presentation!

Here’s some random pictures of the turtle and frog here. I’ll miss the turtle at least! Just kidding, I’ll miss all of the animals when I’m done here 🙂