Hasta La Vista


Last Day 🙂 Top Row: Connie, Carla, me!, Christina; Bottom Row: Linda, Miranda ❤

Today was my last day at the nature center :’)

I woke up at ~7:30AM and had to run an errand with my mom. She dropped me off at the nature center at 8:56AM, and I waited for Connie to open the door 🙂 I was in no hurry though because I was taking some last day pictures of the building sign and flowers.

I decided to sit at the desk across from mine and took a nice picture there! I printed a few of my materials to see what they would look like on paper. Christina’s program ended at  ~11:30AM, and I ate lunch at ~12PM. At ~12:10PM, Christina said I was needed in the conference room, and I knew something was fishy! I was surprised with cupcakes (and a card), and I insisted on taking a picture with some of the wonderful people I’ve spent the last eight weeks with 🙂 Lori arrived later.

I helped with some cleanup, filled in at the front desk, and stuffed (152) envelopes! At ~3:30PM, Christina began looking at my materials, and at ~4PM, she and I decided that I would return on Tuesday. Christina copied her pictures of me onto my flash drive, and helped me lug the equipment to my car. And my mom and I were off! ¡Hasta la vista! Until Tuesday 🙂


P.S. Over the course of eight weeks and as of midnight today, this blog has had 110 visitors and 630 views 🙂


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