I’m afraid today is another ‘short post’ day. I haven’t much to say, except that the City of Troy and Detroit Institute of Arts installed “Fire in a Haystack” by Jules Adolphe Aime outside the nature center yesterday as part of their INSIDE|OUT program. A painting (albeit a replica) that looks like it should be indoors is outdoors AND people can touch it?…very cool!


I took a picture of it on my way in this morning:


In other news, I’m still working on materials for the exhibit…here’s a sneak peek:

1 - Yellow Perch-page-001.jpg


P.S. I went to my first Tigers game today! Everyone was wearing orange hats, and it reminded me of Reunions at Princeton 🙂

What Does The Fox Say?

^I was going to title this post “Anniversary” because it’s my mom and dad’s 29th anniversary! But I think the title accurately sums up today; Lori’s working on a program 😉

I’m still working on the text for the exhibit. I’ve been going at a slower pace than I would have liked because I’m very particular about what information to include, especially when I have to gear it towards a specific audience.

That’s all for now! I’m really tired for some reason, but I might add more later 🙂

*Edit: ‘More’IMG_5341 is a picture of the mastodon dig that I happened to take this morning…


Come What May

9AM – My mom dropped me off at the nature center (^I rediscovered Moulin Rouge’s soundtrack yesterday).

I’m working through my to-do list for the exhibit. One of the things on my list is to gather information about the Rouge River and organize it in an informative but concise way.

I made these posters very quickly…

I like them and they didn’t take very long at all for me to make, but I’m starting to realize that whatever information is interesting to me might be bulky and not so engaging for families with children.

Side note: I wonder if GPS coordinates can change over the years? A 1980 USGS entry says the source of the Rouge River is located at 42.6322554, -83.1763211, but I believe it to be 42.600257, -83.224845. Maybe I have it wrong…

I’m going to continue working on the text for the exhibit. What I should do is visit other nature centers to get a sense of their layout. I’ve been to a majority of the ones nearby because my mom loves walking/traveling, but it’s been so long. I also need to discuss the position of the giant map (pictured in previous post) because right now it seems like it would be out of place.


Final Countdown

My last day is in two weeks! Summer has gone by so quickly…

My mom came home yesterday so I had a long Monday. Today she and my brother drove me to the nature center. They met Christina and walked the trails, while I worked on my outline for the exhibit. There are 6 components: map, cases/taxidermy, kids area, kids activities, water quality testing, and 3D map ideas.

I’m deciding what information to include so that the exhibit is engaging and focuses on the ecology of the Rouge River. I also put together a really neat document zooming in from the US to the section of the Rouge River here at the nature center:

Rouge River

^for those of you who love perspective like I do/are wondering where I’ve been for the past six weeks.

I looked at taxidermy, including Walleye and Eastern Gray Squirrels:

I met with Debbie and Christina to go over my outline. They gave me the go-ahead to start working on the text for the exhibit.



Have a great Tuesday!


Fishday in Pictures

Here are 30 photos from today:


Exhibit Planning

(short post)

9AM – I’m at the nature center.

10:30AM – Miranda showed me the bees (waggle) dancing!



1PM – I took pictures of the all of the ‘nature’ in the nature center.


More taxidermy

I’m planning the exhibit 🙂

Overheard at the nature center – Child: “Are fish mammals?”

3:30PM – My brother picked me up.


Calculations and Math

9AM – My brother dropped me off at the nature center. (We listened to Mojo in the Morning talking about a dad who wasn’t willing to pay for his 21-year-old son to go on their family vacation…interesting 😉 )

10AM – Ann asked me if I was a registered voter. Despite having voted in the presidential election using an absentee ballot, I checked online https://webapps.sos.state.mi.us/MVIC/ to be sure. (Spoiler: duh Jennie, you are one!). I signed a paper petition (probably my first!) dealing with a hotel and/or aquatic center being built over a park, which I think is very relevant to the theme of human development being at odds with economic interests and, more importantly, the environment. (This last sentence has a lot of gerunds, yikes.)

Overheard at the nature center – Child: “Is that a turtle? It’s adorable!”

~2:30PM – I don’t know why this took me so long, but I’m finally relatively done with all the calculations and math involved with the chemical testing.

Here are my results:

6/27/17 Site #1 = 76.43010753 || 7/11/17 Site #1 = 78.15053763 || Avg. = 77.29032258

6/28/17 Site #2 = 80.13978495 || 7/11/17 Site #2 = 82.12903226 || Avg. = 81.13440861

6/29/17 Site #3 = 76.43010753 || 7/12/17 Site #3 = 76.66666667 || Avg. = 76.5483871

6/30/17 Site #4 = 81.6344086 || 7/13/17 Site #4 = 78.93548387|| Avg. = 80.28344624

Overall Avg. = 78.81451613

These are all of the adjusted Overall Water Quality indices. The values are all “Good“!

These numbers (though maybe shortened to two significant figures) and the overall result will be great to display in the exhibit 🙂

Yay today has been productive! I’m still deciding how to show the results of the physical testing, but it’s looking like I might just list the species I found at each site. I wish I could calculate a stream quality score, but I didn’t survey enough macroinvertebrates to give an accurate result (darn you, fish!). I take back the last bit though, because I think the fish species will be interesting to display, and I learned a lot from the fish survey last Friday. To make this more clear, I calculated a tentative stream quality score using what I found at Site #1 on 7/5/17; this was 6.2. A poor score is <19, so technically the part of the stream I tested would have poor stream quality, but the reason why is probably because I didn’t sample enough macroinvert’s!

Side note: I think it’s really interesting that I’ve used chemistry, biology, and mathematics over the course of this internship!

3PM – I’m meeting with Christina to discuss the exhibit.


Some taxidermy

3:30PM – My brother is picking me up 🙂